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Most viewers remembered the actress Dakota Johnson due to her role in 50 Shades of Gray. Today the girl rarely gets into the lenses of the paparazzi, as she leads a calm and quiet life. But recently naked Dakota Johnson starred in an erotic photo shoot, which attracted attention to her. Let’s see what naked Dakota Johnson looks like in the new pictures.

Interesting facts about Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson with her boobs

The actress was born in Texas, in 1989. Dakota Johnson’s mother is famous actress Melanie Griffith, and her father is actor and singer Don Johnson. Later her stepfather was Antonio Banderas, the third husband of Melanie Griffith. The girl grew up in an acting environment, and her success was destined by fate.

naked Dakota Johnson

Dakota debuted in the movie at school age. On the screen she got on the will of her mother and stepfather. Antonio Banderas made a movie with his wife in the lead role, and on the secondary called his daughters. So Dakota together with her half-sister Stella first got into the movie.

naked Dakota Johnson

In 2006, Dakota received the award Miss Golden Globe. The same year, the girl tried herself as a model of the agency IMG Models. She successfully advertised jeans until she got into a big movie. Dakota starred in The Social Network, then in Beastly lit up in 21 Jump Street. Success came to Dakota Johnson after 50 Shades of Gray. There she played an innocent passion of a millionaire with perverted habbits.

Dakota Johnson in lingerie

The new version of Beauty and the Beast liked everyone. The ideas of BDSM went to the masses, and Dakota Johnson became famous.

The charm of naked Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson in bikini

Despite an unremarkable face and an ordinary body, Dakota Johnson seems charming to many. There is a sparkle in her eyes that attracts fans. In addition, naked Dakota Johnson looks quite sexy.

Dakota Johnson in swimsuit

Small breasts look neat, and slender legs are a fetish. Let her not have the forms that naked Demi Rose demonstrates, but men like Dakota for her charm.

naked Dakota Johnson

Perhaps it’s all about the lack of bashfulness. The girl has repeatedly said in interviews that she does not feel shame at all. Perhaps that’s why she has no problem playing in bed scenes and walks topless on the set. She has not once caught sunbathing without a swimsuit or just without a bra. The girl is completely organic in bed scenes. She feels comfortable in her body and is not afraid to go naked.

Naked Dakota Johnson in Instagram

naked Dakota Johnson

In Instagram, the girl posts photos from the red carpet and from official photo shoots. Here you will almost not find home shots, and with a boyfriend Dakota is not photographed at all. The girl carefully hides her personal life to get rid of rumors and gossip in the media.


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But periodically in Instagram flashes naked Dakota Johnson on beach photos or selfies. The girl does not try to be sexy, but she has it from nature.

nude Dakota Johnson

Not so long ago in the Network leaked a photo where naked Dakota together with her girlfriend splashed naked in the bathtub.

Dakota Johnson nude

It is obvious that Dakota adheres to free manners and is not at all embarrassed by nudity. Despite this, she has never starred for a men’s magazines. The girl goes out in the light in dresses with a large neckline, but does not hurry to get naked for Playboy.