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The youngest Kardashian does not have a certain occupation. But, despite this, she is considered the youngest billionaire on the planet. Well, in addition, naked Kylie Jenner often taking photos in the most shameless poses. And this is her favorite cure for boredom.

What is Kylie Jenner known for

naked Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is Kendall Jenner’s own sister, although their resemblance is quite superficial. Perhaps it’s all about plastic surgeries, which Kylie is known for. Despite her young age, the girl has already managed to correct her nose, lips and even the oval of her face. All women of the Kardashian family like plastic surgery, which makes them look older than they could for their age.

hot Kylie Jenner

The world learned about Kylie Jenner after the reality show The Kardashian Family. The girl was just a teenager when the show started. In 2010, the influential magazine Paper wrote about her and her sister Kendall. The girls were noticed by modeling agencies and then offered. So Kylie performed at Avril Lavigne’s show in 2011. A couple years later, she released her own clothing line together with her sister.

Kylie Jenner nude

In 2014, Kylie, along with her sister Kendall, hosted the Much Music Video Awards. The following year, a line of cosmetics from Kylie Jenner was released, which was sold out in 30 seconds.

naked Kylie Jenner

Today, Kylie is busy with her Instagram, because it has turned into a serious source of income. She has 400 million followers and an advertising post on her blog costs 1 million dollars.

Naked Kylie Jenner in a mermaid dress

Kylie Jenner in pretty dress

Like the other Kardashian sisters, Kylie Jenner loves to show off her body. Unlike her sister Kendall, she looks very curvy. She likes to emphasize her curves with open outfits. Not so long ago, naked Kylie Jenner starred in a mermaid dress from Margiela. Many are interested in how natural these curves are, because they look like the result of plastic surgery.

naked Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram is the place where she posts the hottest photos. Kylie’s blog has the most bikini shots. Not less and her photos in tight clothes. By the way, the girl loves to tighten her not at all fragile forms. Jenner has a lush butt, large breasts and a thin waist that is the ideal of the Kardashian’s body.

Naked Kylie Jenner in Playboy magazine

boobs of Kylie Jenner

Unexpectedly, the bysiness woman starred for Playboy. The revealing photos became a real discovery. No one suspected how huge Kylie Jenner’s boobs are. Just as hot looks and naked Anna Starshenbaum on her erotic photos.

nude Kylie Jenner

Today still naked Kylie Jenner continues to excite the public. The girl is photographed in a microscopic swimsuit or without it at all.


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Fans love not only to consider her naked photos, but also to incriminate the model in photoshop. In any case, Kylie’s Instagram is one of the most popular on the planet, you can not argue with this.