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Everyone’s widely known Emma Watson nude has gained popularity not at all because of pictures in the bathtub. Thanks to the legendary movie, the sequel to the Harry Potter books – Emma Watson has grown from a little girl in the first parts, to a desirable girl, dreamt of by millions of guys, men, girls. Her bold and beautifully shaped breasts and butt cannot leave anyone indifferent. Elastic breasts, with delicate nipples and beckons to try them, and the ass is calling to spank it then harder, then softer.

Emma Watson on beach

The first pictures of Emma Watson naked appeared on the web long before her own pictures in the bathroom and spread all over the Internet in a matter of minutes. Namely, those photos where naked Emma Watson caught in the camera lenses in a car, which showed her breasts Emma Watson in all their glory, as well as in some pictures you can see her pussy.

emma watson nude bathroom

However, you will not find many paparazzi trails and their material on the internet, much more naked Emma Watson photographed herself lying in bed, standing in the dressing room, or bathing in her own bath. As you know – everyone is his own worst enemy. It is unknown whether the photos of Emma Watson naked accidentally hit, but they are, it remains an invariable fact.

Emma Watson tits in bath

Naked Emma Watson likes to take pictures of herself at home

bath emma watson

In some photos we can see Emma Watson with a piercing on her left nipple, from this we can conclude that her beautiful figure is constantly going through many improvements and changes, Emma is trying herself in something new. I wonder if her fantasies come to sexual life. In this, of course, there is no doubt, because it is well known that British women are very hot and open in bed, and Emma, as a true Brit, follows all the traditions of Western culture.

What can we conclude from all the pictures. Undoubtedly naked Emma Watson is happy to get on the lens of cameras for – her own or other people’s. Her figure, sexy breasts and firm ass pleases the eye of any viewer.

Emma Watson photo for her siblings

Everyone wants to see her as she is. Natural, sexy, free and very beautiful.


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Let’s wish her to stay this fresh and hot for a long time to come.