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Naked Natalie Dormer became popular after Game of Thrones. But to walk in a corset and make curtsies she has already learned in the series The Tudors. In the drama about the adventures of Henry VIII Natalie had to not only wear a corset. Her heroine was a skillful seductress, as evidenced by numerous explicit scenes. But naked Natalie Dormer appeared not only in historical serials. In her filmography we can find a lot of interesting and piquant episodes.

Hot naked Natalie Dormer at the dawn of her career

Naked Natalie Dormer

The appearance of the British actress you can not call typical. The asymmetry of her face makes many go crazy. But it is because of the flawed appearance of Natalie Dormer for a long time could not get a role. Most directors refused her, and the girl had to work as a waitress and secretary. Natural talent noticed the director of the movie Casanova 2005, which began the career of the actress. Costume film was the first in a series of historical film work Natalie.

boobs of Natalie Dormer

After a small role in the thriller Flawless actress got a role in The Tudors. The series became a pass to the world of cinema for the inexperienced Natalie. In the historical drama about the reign of King Henry VIII Natalie Dormer played his wife who name was Anne Boleyn. Natural sexuality, bold character and exquisite piquancy of appearance played into the hands of Dormer.

Natalie Dormer in lingerie

Beauty did not hesitate to undress in bed scenes and often shot topless. Her partner in the movie was Jonathan Rhys Meyers, with whom the bed scenes took place. Beautiful and naked Natalie Dormer often appeared in sex scenes. After the episode of wild and passionate sex in the woods Natalie was wanted by all fans. But she became even more popular after her role in Game of Thrones

Naughty Games of naked Natalie Dormer

photo of Natalie Dormer

The series Game of Thrones is famous for its brutality and frankness. In it, almost every actress has participated in a bed scene. Not surprisingly, the naked Natalie Dormer appeared in it repeatedly. The actress starred topless, exposing a small but appetizing breast or starred in episodes of sex, showing seductive forms. Despite the fact that Natalie is not distinguished by the lushness of the forms, her body seems piquant and sexy. The actress does not hesitate to be naked in the frame, she easily portrays ardor and passion.

nude Natalie Dormer

Directors often shoot Dormer in bed scenes, knowing her loyalty to such shoots. Especially organic actress looks in costume dramas. In the movie The Scandalous Lady W Dormer has the maximum number of bed scenes. Natalie can be seen topless, in a transparent shirt and even completely naked. She changes men like gloves, and has sex with full rapture. Fans of the actress were delighted with her appearance, because her face combines decency with viciousness. Best of all, she succeeds in the role of strong women who easily capture the hearts of men.

The charms of Natalie Dormer on the big screen

Natalie Dormer topless

The actress does not see anything wrong with scenes of nudity. She believes that sex is an important and natural part of human life. Natalie undressed not only for costume movies. Her charms can be seen in the movie Rush. There naked Natalie Dormer has sex in the bathroom.

Naked Natalie Dormer

For the actress there are no forbidden topics. Almost every role is associated with the seduction of men. The only time the actress made an exception for The Hunger Games. There her heroine attracts attention with her bright appearance and aggressive image. What is worth shaved temples and tattoos on the whole arm. For some men this type is a fetish. But Natalie herself prefers to look feminine. On red carpets, she emphasizes the curves of the body and deep cleavage like naked Brie Larson.

Revealing shootings in the glossy

Natalie Dormer nu

The actress often plays self-confident, strong, powerful women, real heartbreakers. In life, the actress is similar to her heroines. She is not only extremely sexy, but also independent.


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Natalie is often invited to star in candid photo shoots. But she has not yet decided to full nudity in the glossy. Her choice is light, sensual erotica, as in the photo shoots in Evening Standard and GQ as naked Gal Gadot is doing too.