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After the popularity of the series about volleyball, actress Angelina Poplavskaya became famous. On the wave of popularity, the girl decided to accept the invitation of Maxim magazine and star completely naked. The photo shoot turned out not just hot, but fiery. Here’s how naked Angelina Poplavskaya looks on her first erotic shoot.

Who is Angelina Poplavskaya

Angelina Poplavskaya

The young Russian actress is starring in movies for only a few years, but has already managed to have a lot of fans. The girl began with a short film, where she played together with Alexei Chadov. And already in 2018 she starred in a movie based on the story of Chekhov. In the same year, the girl participated in two popular television projects at once.

Naked Angelina Poplavskaya

In 2019, the actress starred in two more movies, among them the melodrama Blue Lake, where Angelina plays in racy episodes. It is quite possible that naked Angelina Poplavskaya will appear in a candid scene.

Angelina Poplavskaya in bikini

Today Angelina is starring in a series about a women’s volleyball team and enjoys it. The girl believes that the role will be her finest hour. And indeed, she attracted the attention of the public. For example, the magazine Maxim invited the girl to shoot naked.

Naked Angelina Poplavskaya on the set of Maxim

Naked Angelina Poplavskaya

The young actress does not waste time and takes advantage of the moment of fame. Her photo shoot in the men’s glossy became a confirmation of this. The girl went completely naked, showing everything that you can in open angles.

nude Angelina Poplavskaya

For example, in one of the photos Angelina lies on the window sill completely naked, exposing her butt and breasts. And in an interview, the actress said that she is very shy and embarrassed to undress on set.

But at the photo shoot shyness is not visible, and you can only observe how Angelina takes daring poses. Moreover, they get hotter with each shot. Naked breasts, spread legs look like the girl strives to show everything and now. In the photo, the beauty was not always naked, sometimes she was wearing transparent underwear.

Naked Angelina Poplavskaya

In an interview with the publication it turned out that Angelina has a malleable temperament and she forgives everything to men. Not a woman, but a dream. Look at those freckles, curls and upturned nose. Natural beauty as it is. Indeed, Angelina Poplavskaya deserves to become a new star of Russian cinema.

Naked Angelina Poplavskaya on the net

The rising star does not have a million followers in Instagram, but the girl actively develops the page. For example, attracts followers with hot photos. To see the actress topless is easy, just open her Instagram.

Naked Angelina Poplavskaya

Let’s hope that this approach will help to achieve popularity. At least for the male audience, this strategy will definitely work. More in the blog of the actress can be found photos from the set, photo shoots and much more.


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The girl is active in social networks and shares with subscribers all the details, except who her boyfriend is. Looks naked Angelina Poplavskaya looks great, so she definitely has a boyfriend. Naked Hailey Bieber, a married lady, looks just as good.