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Singer and model Diana Ivanitskaya has repeatedly shot for men’s magazines. The girl participated in the reality show “Want to Viagra”, where she learned career tricks. Despite the fact that the beauty in “Viagra” was not taken, she became the lead singer of the group “Dynama”. For a long time, the singer pleased fans as part of a hot duet. But today she performs solo under her own name. Let’s see what naked Diana Ivanitskaya looks like in erotic photo shoots.

Who is Diana Ivanitskaya

naked Diana Ivanitskaya

The singer, who hails from Ukraine, has gained a lot of popularity in Russia. Her musical career began with the contest “I want to Viagra”. The girl did not get the coveted place, but she was seen by music producers. So the beauty got into the duet “Dynama”, which for several years successfully toured. In their group, the girls built an image of informal, swaggering, but still sexy bombshells.

naked Diana Ivanitskaya

In 2017, the group broke up, but the girl did not abandon her music career. She wrote the song “Lips”, which became the first successful solo project. Later, the girl worked as a TV presenter and tried herself at the casting in the group SEREBRO. The girl did not get into the trio, but recorded several more solo songs.

naked Diana Ivanitskaya

Even before her musical career, Diana successfully worked as a model. For example, she won the French modeling contest and became “Miss Ukraine”. Since 2012, she cooperated with a modeling agency.

Diana Ivanitskaya photo

Today the girl continues her musical career, about modeling no longer remembering. Perhaps for this reason, Diana gained a few kilograms. But that only emphasized her feminine forms, the same naked Mercy Watson has.

Naked Diana Ivanitskaya in erotic photos

sexy Diana Ivanitskaya

Recently Diana appeared in a new sexy image of a femme fatale. The pictures appeared in Maxim magazine. On them, the singer is dressed in chains and leather. The girl is not afraid to try challenging angles, showing the butty to the audience. Clad in a leather corset, the girl demonstrates rounded hips, which go so well with her oriental appearance.

nude Diana Ivanitskaya

In some photos naked Diana Ivanitskaya appears with naked breasts with nipple pads. Many people were surprised by shoes on an unimaginable platform. The beauty tried on shoes with heels not lower than 25 cm and a high hidden platform. Naked Julia Fox wore the same on the streets of New York.

Diana Ivanitskaya

However, the “fatal” photo shoot is not the first for Diana. Previously, she has already naked on camera, although her ex did not appreciate it. It is not surprising that the girl had a severe depression. But today the singer is happy with her personal life. Her current boyfriend is against nude photos, but he liked the result.

Naked Diana on the couch

naked Diana Ivanitskaya

In 2020, Diana was included in the famous list of escorts. According to insider information, for the night Diana takes from 400 thousand rubles. 4 years ago she starred in an erotic photo shoot for “Maxim”, which was entitled “Naked Diana on the couch!”. Indeed, the singer was placed on a leather sofa in costume of Adam.

naked Diana Ivanitskaya

By the way, at that time there were rumors that she met with singers and comedians. Today Diana is happy with her neighbor in the stairwell. Well, naked Diana Ivanitskaya periodically flashes in the press, pleasing the male population with her curvy body.


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Not so long ago, the singer recorded a new song, where she revealed her soul. She continues her solo career, shoots for glossy, participates in various shows. About earnings in the escort beauty does not tell. Recently she got married. We hope that her husband will not find out about her secret life.