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Young and sexy actress Nastya Akatova starred in more than 3 dozen films. But people probably remember her for the the comedy series Beetles. After releasing Nastya decided to make an erotic photo shoot for Maxim magazine. So naked Nastya Akatova appeared on those pages. The photo shoot came out in April this year, and it is very hot.

Who is Nastya Akatova

naked Nastya Akatova

An ordinary schoolgirl from Rybinsk got her first role at the age of 14. It was just one episode of the series Detectives, but it affected the further life of the girl. After school, Nastya decided to enter Theatre University, despite the fact that she was seriously engaged in dancing.

Nastya Akatova

All her youth Akatova went on tour with a dance group. She was predicted a great future in dance. But the girl had the passion for acting and could not resist it.

Nastya Akatova in lengerie

After graduating from University in 2014, she began a career in the movies. For example, the actress played in the teen series Closed School for the the main roles. After the series she got offers for many other projects.

naked Nastya Akatova

The ptivate life of Akatova is hidden from public. At one time she dated the actor Igor Yurtayev. But in front of whom naked Nastya Akatova walks around now is unknown. The girl prefers not to talk about relationships and always turns the conversation to work questions. The same character naked Lada Lyumos has, because she is also hide her private life.

Naked Nastya Akatova in the photo shoot for Maxim

naked Nastya Akatova

At the photo shoot for the men’s magazine Nastya demonstrated pumped up abs. Of course, male fans wanted to look at the girl’s breasts. But Nastia flatly refused to pose topless. Although under the wet T-shirt you can see the outline of the chest and sharp nipples of the actress.

naked Nastya Akatova

Nastya Akatova turned out to be modest, because she was embarrassed by questions about sex. But then the actress could share the intimate things. In the interview, the girl said that she never left a guy because of unsuccessful sex. She does not understand how it can be unsuccessful at all, if there is chemistry between partners.

nude Nastya Akatova

Nastya said that she likes to dance and troll subscribers. In the girl’s Instagram you can really find a lot of witty captions to photos. For example, under the photo with legs on the table Nastya wrote: “Waiting for soup”. Followers like the sense of humor of the actress, and therefore wait for each of her posts with impatience.

Interesting scenes with naked Nastya Akatova

According to the design of Instagram, it is noticeable that Nastya Akatova is a very creative person. In addition, she likes to be photographed in unusual angles. Also Nastya adores her body, especially her small boobs. The actress considers bras to be uncomfortable and goes without them.

Naked Nastya Akatova

Sometimes in her blog photos topless or in just panties appear. You can see that naked Nastya Akatova feels quite natural. Yes, and without clothes the actress looks great at all. Nastya Akatova’s Instagram is full of photos where she looks like a schoolgirl. A cute face and a cheerful smile together with a low height turn the girl into an eternal nymphet.


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For example, friends say that with such a face she does not need a large chest, and the actress agrees with them.