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Model of the erotic genre Natalia Krasavina is known for provocative photo shoots. Which, by the way, her husband Alexander Mavrin is shooting. But before her marriage Natasha often starred in erotic photo shoots and even videos. In the magazine Maxim beauty is a frequent guest. Today, naked Nata Lee is considered one of the highest paid erotic models in Russia.

Professionally naked Nata Lee

naked Nata Lee

If you go through several issues of Maxim, you probably met a couple of spreads with Nata Lee as a girl of the month. In general, Nata Lee is a living fetish of all men on earth.

Nata Lee photo

Imagine full breasts of size four, thin waist, round and fit butt combined with long legs. And if this is accompanied by a cute face of a blonde with blue eyes, then the portrait of a dream woman is defined.

boobs of Nata Lee

Nata Lee loves to be an object of lust, and about the power of her beauty she knows like no one else. The girl began starring in erotic videos back in 2011. Then the beauty got naked for Playboy movies. Moreover, she proves that in the adult genre she never appeared. As well as she did not sell her body for money.

naked Nata Lee

Moreover, the girl is in demand today not only in the nude genre, but also in ordinary modeling. And a dark past would make dreams of a full-fledged career unrealistic. And here is naked Bella Hadid professionally working as a model.

Nata Lee in lingerie

Today Natasha works as a model in the agency of her husband MAVRIN models. Modesty of her photo shoots are not distinguished, and therefore you can easily see how naked Nata Lee looks. Her curves are really mesmerizing.

Naked Nata Lee photos

nude Nata Lee

Natasha Krasavina does not hide the fact that she has been earning with her body since her youth. Or rather, pictures of her luxurious, without exaggeration, body. Despite the fact that the girl no longer participates in erotic movies, she has a website with very hot photos. True, it is available for an additional fee.

naked Nata Lee

Once pictures of naked Nata Lee where she appeared in very vulgar poses without censorship appeared on the net. But the photos were quickly removed so as not to defame the already not crystal reputation of our heroine.

naked Nata Lee

Today, naked Nata Lee is present only in quality men’s nagazines. Not so long ago she became the girl of the month of the French Maxim. Well, you can look at the perfect body of Natasha on her Instagram. More than 7 million people followed her. Natasha’s beauty, of course, is far from nature. But what you can’t do to look like a dream girl. In general, enjoy the view of Natasha nude, because there is really something to look at.

What else is Nata Lee doing now

nude Nata Lee

Despite the fact that Natasha adores her work, she has other hobbies. For example, the girl recently discovered her talents as a DJ and successfully performs in nightclubs. Perhaps the audience comes not because of the music, but to look at the seductive Nata behind the turntable. But still DJ Nata Lee is widely known in certain circles. Of course, Natasha keeps Instagram, for which she is photographed in all angles by her husband.


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Sometimes the girl takes such poses, that make decent people to have a blush on their faces. But work is work, so naked Nata Lee is trying her best.