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Eva Green is an incredibly beautiful, sexy, and talented French actress and model. She began her career in theater, then played several notable roles in films. An important part of her work includes successful roles in new movies and shootings in explicit scenes, where naked Eva Green appeared, so to speak, ‘without any cuts’.

The first film where Eva Green appeared naked, in other words, in all her glory, was ‘The Dreamers’ by B. Bertolucci, a drama with an erotic subtext. Eva’s sexual partners in the film were M. Pitt and L. Garrel. There are more than enough sexual scenes in the film, so fans of the hot brunette have plenty to see.

How audiences rated films with naked Eva Green

By the time of filming, the girl was 23 years old, although her character is a teenager. She is a typical ‘bad girl’, spoiled and prematurely debauched, who is not ashamed to experiment not only with her boyfriend but also with her own twin brother. The critics received the young debutante’s performance quite favorably. According to Eva herself, she felt quite comfortable on the set. However, when she learned that her relatives saw her in explicit scenes, she experienced a natural awkwardness.

Naked Eva Green in films

Initially, the girl’s parents were not thrilled with such a start, fearing that their daughter would repeat the fate of naked Megan Fox, for whom shooting in explicit episodes with ‘nudity’ ultimately led to problems with drugs and alcohol. But, in the end, they supported the ambitious beauty.

The film ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ (2014) is also filled with frankness. Green played one of the main roles – Artemisia. Fans of erotica and porn will be delighted with the sex scene, where completely naked Eva Green makes love to her worst enemy – the general Themistocles. His role was played by Sullivan Stapleton.

In the same year, another film featuring the naked beauty, ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’, was released. In addition to Green, stars such as M. Rourke, B. Willis, J. Alba, E. Clarke appeared in the film.

Eva achieved undeniable success by starring in the horror series ‘Penny Dreadful’. Naturally, her beautiful and terrible Vanessa Ives appeared before the cameras, pardon the pun, in the costume of Eve. For the role of Vanessa, Green was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

2014 can be called the most successful and productive year in the actress’s career. Her filmography was enriched with 5 pictures, and in all of them, Eva Green played the leading roles. Let’s hope that the ‘indecently beautiful’ (words of Bertolucci) actress will delight fans of explicit scenes with the naturalness of her performance and the perfection of her body