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The popular Twitch and OnlyFans blogger, in an interview with Devin Nash, shared how she gained popularity. It turns out, the girl began streaming in a swimsuit directly from a jacuzzi or pool. Over time, the swimsuits became more revealing, and the income of the red-haired beauty grew higher. Today, a huge number of internet users dream of seeing what naked Amouranth looks like. Let’s look together at the best photos of the streamer.

What is known about Amouranth

Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, is one of the most popular girls on Twitch. Initially, the redhead was an ordinary user of the platform until she found a fail-safe way to attract attention.

One day, the girl started a stream right from the pool, dressed in a sexy swimsuit. And the streams, according to the blogger, “exploded.” This approach was needed to increase earnings. And it worked. Now, the girl does not need financial assistance, considering leaving streaming platforms altogether.

But for now, the red-haired beauty is not planning to leave OnlyFans, earning there up to $1 million per month. On Twitch, she is still at the top of trends, and, most likely, you have come across her streams in recommendations.

In them, the girl looks very revealing and behaves quite provocatively, uplifting the mood of the male part of the users. Thanks to her luxurious forms, the beauty does not go unnoticed. But it’s not just about the figure. It turns out, Amouranth is a talented cosplayer, who transforms into the most sexual heroines of games and anime.

On Twitch, the girl arrived in 2016, and she started with demonstrating costumes of various heroines. Later, she began to record gaming streams, mainly for Overwatch. In 2018, the beauty decided to try a new genre, namely ASMR broadcasts.

Kaitlyn’s soft voice, along with revealing outfits, attracted many new fans. The games continued until 2019, when the girl received her first ban for excessive nudity. But this was only the beginning.

Naked Amouranth in a pool

After the first ban, the girl again changed her strategy and began broadcasting from pools. She bought a small  pool, inflated it, and filled it with water. All that was left was to choose a revealing swimsuit and turn on the camera. Done – money flowed like water. But not for long, as it turned out that her videos did not fit the Twitch format. So, the girl moved to OnlyFans, where everything is allowed.

However, Twitch also made concessions, creating a separate category for streamers with revealing content. If you want to see something hotter, then go to the Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches tab.

It is there that the most beautiful girls of Twitch demonstrate their charms. Naked Sydney Sweeney, a sexy redhead, does the same. By the way, the girl is also on other social networks – TikTok and Instagram. But there too, she is periodically banned for excessive nudity.

By the way, the girl loves appearing naked in front of viewers. Full third-size breasts and a toned butt allow her to do this without any remorse.


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What else does Amouranth do

In addition to “nude” photos, Amouranth is mastering business and investments. For example, she bought a company that manufactures children’s pools. And this is not surprising, as they made her famous. Also, the girl sells water from the pools she bathes in during broadcasts. Even such products have buyers.

Despite the fact that the beauty gladly bares herself to the public, she hides her personal life. The girl does not say where she is from, where she lives, and whether she has a boyfriend. You will not find any mention of this on social networks. Recently, there were rumors that the red-haired beauty got married, but no details are known. Meanwhile, naked Kate Beckinsale does not hide personal information.

Today, naked Amouranth still leads streams and broadcasts, publishes many photos on social networks. And although she has long wanted to change her field of activity, the girl does not plan to leave Twitch and OnlyFans until June. We hope you appreciate the luxurious forms of the lovely streamer.