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Amber Heard, a real Southern belle, is known in Hollywood not for her roles but for her high-profile romances. For the sake of Amber, Johnny Depp left Vanessa Paradis and two children. And most recently, the actress has been having an affair with the most eccentric billionaire of our time, Ilon Musk. How else Amber Heard gets off naked, we’ll tell you right now.

The most interesting things about Amber Heard

Amber Heard, a natural blonde, was born in Texas, which, however, is written on her face. Indeed, she looks very young by American standards. Judge for yourself: the natural blonde hair, pretty face, blue eyes, tanned skin. If you add to this tall stature, you get a typical cheerleader. But Amber was a rebel from a young age.

She didn’t go to sports training, but to drama classes. And at 16, she renounced her Catholic faith, declaring herself an atheist. In short, the girl was very determined, and immediately after school she left home to build their future.

Heard began with the modeling business. Her data allowed her to shoot for a couple of advertising companies and several times to walk down the runway. But later the girl decided that modeling is not for her and decided to leave for California. In Los Angeles, Amber went to acting auditions, as she had a new goal. Now the girl dreamed of becoming an actress.

Amber Heard got into movies at the age of 18. She managed to get into several second-rate movies and teen series. Later she participated in the dramas “Alpha Dog” and “North Country”. These tapes and gave her popularity.

Later, there was the horror film “All the Guys Like Mandy Lane” and the youth film “Never Give Up. Now Amber had the status of an up-and-coming aspiring actress in Hollywood.

Not surprisingly, in 2008, she was called to star in the American edition of Maxim. Shooting was quite chaste, but the beauty managed to show her gorgeous body.

Homage Diary of Amber

Since 2008, the girl has kept the paparazzi’s interest in her in every way. She started dating a woman, declaring herself bi. Now she was a popular actress and was getting enough job offers. One of them was a role in the movie “The Rum Diary” based on the work of Hunter Thompson. Amber was to play the role of a partner to the hero Johnny Depp.

In “The Rum Diary” naked Amber Heard made an unforgettable impression on Depp. And as a result, the actor dumped Vanessa Paradis, with whom he lived for over 10 years. With Amber Depp met for three years until he called her in marriage.

But a month after the marriage, Heard was already cheating on Depp with Ilon Musk. Hotel cameras filmed the young people riding in an elevator together in a very explicit way. At least Amber was wearing nothing but a sheet, in which she carelessly wrapped herself. Even more revealing in the leaked photos was a naked Rihanna, who wasn’t wearing anything at all!

However, the naked Amber Heard did not flicker before the eyes of Ilon Musk for long. A few weeks later she was alone again. With Johnny Depp, by the way, the girl divorced, filing for divorce a year and a half after the wedding.

Naked Amber Heard on Instagram

Today, the girl continues to star in movies and date men. Despite her ugly divorce from Johnny Depp and Hollywood scandals. The girl still looks hot and is invited to star in major roles.

“Aquaman” is one of Amber’s last high-profile films, where she played the wife of the underwater lord. In this film, the girl appeared with red hair, which has been flashed more than once on her Instagram. Just as sexy looks naked Lily Simmons in her blog.


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The beauty often publishes on her blog candid pictures from professional and home photo shoots. Amber loves to look sexy, because that’s what feeds her. The girl has a natural charm and sexpile, because of which it is easy to be led by men.

For example, she recently managed to woo a famous American art dealer. The couple were seen in cars and cafes, although they do not officially confirm anything.

On Instagram, a naked Amber Heard appears proudly alone or with girlfriends. But it is possible that soon she will show her new chosen one.

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