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Naked Salma Hayek – independent and self-sufficient, proved that beautiful women can be extremely talented. The spoiled daughter of a tycoon has become a respected actress, director, producer, public figure, thanks to her hard work. Exotic looks also played a role: lush breasts, bespoke waist, lush hips, expressive facial features.

She was born in 1966 into the family of an oil producer and an opera diva. Her hot temper showed itself in her childhood years: the girl dropped out of catholic school, not having studied. But the first roles on Mexican television almost immediately made Salma star of the national scale.

After becoming popular in her homeland, the young actress went to conquer Hollywood, being an illegal immigrant. The national pride of Mexico, in America, as if she was restarting her career, with little or no knowledge of English.

The director of Mexican origin, Robert Rodriguez, saw a star in her, while others were afraid to film a Mexican. The beauty became a real decoration of the film “Desperado”, attracting almost more attention than Antonio Banderas. Every frame with a young Latina is filled with seething sexual energy. Salma’s character, defiant Caroline, as naked Alexandra Daddario, with a shotgun in his hands and a fiery look, long fell into the hearts of viewers.

Naked Salma Hayek in the movies.

Rare appearance: bright dark eyes, well-defined lips, the look of a panther woman who knows what she wants. A sin not to use such a type to promote the film, showing how good Naked Salma Hayek.

The diva’s naked body can be seen in the movies:

  • “Desperate.”
  • “Frida.”
  • “Ask the Dust.”

Especially passionate was the sex scene with Antonio Banderos. This couple looks so harmonious in bed: heated bodies in the dim light of a cheap motel room. A real gift to viewers, the opportunity to see large naked breasts beautifully shaped in scenes filled with genuine passion.

And what went on in the movie “Frida“, words cannot describe. The pleasure of watching an Oscar-winning film gives sex with a man and with a woman, a sexually liberated character, the extravagant Frida. Desirable, naked Salma Hayek in bed looks divine.

The striptease scene of “From Dusk till Dawn” has become canonical, precisely because of the feminine forms of Salma’s figure. A heavy long python resting on the shoulders of a half-naked vampire is the perfect erotic image. You can also admire Salma’s body in “Ask the Dust” when the woman was swimming naked in the sea.

A true pleasure to look at Salma Hayek

The actress herself likes to provoke men, like the naked Selena Gomez, by exposing intimate body parts, which look great to their day. In the actress’s instagram, you can see photos in swimsuits, in luxurious evening dresses: a figure without flaw. Even, without makeup, Salma Hayek’s face is beautiful. Wife of a billionaire, the popular actress knows her price, dressing in expensive dresses with deep cleavage.

No wonder that the hearts of fans beat more often, just looking at the diva’s breasts jumping out of the corset.