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The series Game of Thrones gave the world a whole pantheon of new stars, and one of them is naked Sophie Turner. The redheaded Stark sister, who grew from a little girl into a beautiful, young girl, today shines on the screens.

Young Sophie Turner

naked Sophie Turner

Game of Thrones is bold in the scenario, Turner’s heroine for a long time avoided frank episodes.

The prerequisites for bed scenes at Sansa Stark were numerous. But the only episode was the scene of the first wedding night in the fifth season of the epic. In this scene, naked Sophie Turner, unfortunately, did not appear. There was not even a slight nudity of the heroine in this scene, and therefore, most fans were left disappointed.

Sophie Turner having a rest

Surprisingly, Sansa Stark was given in marriage several times, but the first sex scene appeared only in the fifth season. Only one season of the popular series remains, and perhaps it is in it that Sophie will finally meet her love.

Other naked Sophie Turner

nude Sophie Turner

Sophie received many offers to participate in other projects.  In 2013, the actress starred semi-nude in an erotic scene in the movie Another Me. Despite the not too voluminous filmography, the actress already has several unchained love scenes in her arsenal. Erotic scenes Sophie considers a real sex education and treats them calmly just like naked Ornella Muti.


Sophie Turner in swimsuit

naked Sophie Turner

In the 2017 thriller Josie naked Sophie Turner again does not appear, but her heroine dresses and behaves very swaggeringly. In this movie, you can see the actress in the image of a blonde in revealing outfits. Turner’s heroine in this movie has a peculiar love story and racy scenes here too.

Where to see naked Sophie Turner

boobs of Sophie Turner

In the movie Another Me, the girl is only 17 years old, and she already has to play not childish games on the set of an unusual thriller. The sex scene in this movie was not particularly liked by fans, there was almost no nudity. Until now, naked Sophie Turner remains an unfulfilled dream of many fans.


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There is hope that in time naked Sophie Turner will appear on the big screen. Meanwhile, fans are left with numerous photos of the actress in a bikini, shot by paparazzi. Also Sophie can be seen in some advertising campaigns in a swimsuit like naked Anne Hathaway.

For red carpets, the girl chooses more and more relaxed and frank outfits, so there is an opportunity to admire her forms.