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Italian actress naked Ornella Muti, whose popularity came in the 80-90’s, is still a standard of beauty. The girl early began to shoot nude thanks to what the Internet has a lot of her candid shots. Also, the actress has not once appeared nude in the movie, if the role required it. Ornella has never been shy of cameras, showing the perfect body in all angles.

First nude shootings for Ornella Muti

naked Ornella Muti

For the first time naked Ornella Muti appeared in men’s magazines when she was still a teenager. To earn money for expensive clothes, she began posing nude to artists at the age of 13. Later, the girl agreed to shoot in men’s glossy to pay her expenses.

Ornella Muti in the movie

The director believed that she was already 18 years old and accepted her. The girl was no more than 15 years old, but she already understood the power of her beauty. Genuine Italian beauty, mixed with northern features on her mother, was embodied in a luxurious cocktail.

photo of Ornella Muti

Dark blonde hair and blue eyes with swarthy skin made Ornella grew up to be a true beauty. She learned power over men and was not at all shy of nudity and explicit scenes.

boobs of Muti

Shooting in men’s magazines did not go unnoticed at school. Soon they became known about them and the girl had to explain herself to the principal. Ornella said that this is also work, fearlessly looking into the eyes of the teacher. Scandal did not happen, as the school learned about the difficult welfare of the family of the schoolgirl.

The beginning of the career of naked Ornella Muti

naked Ornella Muti

Young Ornella and naked Kaya Scodelario never dreamed of becoming one of the sexiest Italian actresses. But fate ordered otherwise, and the girl got to the first movie auditions. Her sister dreamed of working as an actress and took young Muti to the studio. But the director drew attention to the modest girl with fire in his eyes. And without trial he approved Ornella in the tape La moglie più bella. So began a long and successful career of the girl in the movie. Later, naked Ornella Muti many times appeared on the screens. Perfect forms and luxurious southern appearance with a touch of north looked organically on the screen.

naked Ornella Muti

Real fame came to her in 1980, when the girl starred with Celentano in Il bisbetico domato. The temperamental duo of the famous actor and the Italian beauty awakened a lot of rumors and gossip. Most of them became true, because on the set between the actors originated feelings. Ornella was really happy and left her husband for Adriano. But the actor never left his wife, than put a point in the relationship with Muti.

Naked Ornella Muti in explicit scenes

nude Ornella Muti

The actress often starred in explicit scenes in Italian cinema. Sensual pictures required full commitment and the girl honestly gave herself away. In different movies naked Ornella Muti plays in erotic scenes. Completely naked or topless, in scenes of sex, cross-dressing, the girl shows her forms. On the screen she appears completely naked, not covering up and not embarrassing anyone.

Ornella Muti nu

The actress entered the sensual eroticism of Italian classics and left a noticeable trace in it. Beautiful and completely naked Ornella Muti enjoys lovemaking with men, enticing and seducing. Ornella Muti’s name is inseparable from Italian erotica, because she made this genre amazingly beautiful.

Simple sexuality of the Italian actress

naked Ornella

The actress did not abandon her passion for nudes, even when she was in the last months of pregnancy. She starred in erotic scenes in the movie Il futuro è donna, being deeply pregnant.

The girl continued shooting in men’s glossies. She participated in Italian Playmen, the famous Playboy and a dozen other men’s editions.


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The actress is engaged in her body and looks gorgeous even for her age. She amazed with luxurious forms in 40 and 50, and continues to keep the bar. Ornella chooses younger lovers. She realizes that she is worthy of more beautiful bodies than her peers. The gorgeous Italian woman has been dreamed of by millions of men throughout her career. She strives to live up to the title of sex symbol, and therefore always looks like a million, just like naked Natalie Dormer.