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British actress naked Maisie Williams gained immense popularity and love from fans all over the world thanks to the epic Game of Thrones. After the release of the first season of the epic, Maisie woke up famous. Now the young actress can be seen in many TV and movie projects. In some of them, the young beauty has to show herself in all her splendor.

Young Maisie Williams on the movie screen

naked Maisie Williams

At a very young age, Maisie auditioned for the movie series Game of Thrones for one of the main roles she was the younger sister in the Stark clan. At the time of the first filming the girl was very young, and therefore naked Maisie Williams in this series did not appear.

naked Maisie Williams

But the shooting went, and the actors grew up with the series. Macy soon grew up, made friends with another actress of Game of Thrones is her friend naked Sophie Turner, who played her sister. The girls began to participate together in various photo shoots, including frivolous content.

Maisie Williams with Sophi Turner

But still naked Maisie Williams is just a dream of fans. After all, because of the young age of the actress did not have time to star in a large number of bed scenes. In addition, the girl avoids filming in male glossy or participates in them rarely.

Naked Maisie Williams and the first sex experience in the movie

boobs of Maisie Williams

The first sex scene of Maisie Williams occurred in the movie The Falling (2014). In the tape, the actress had to star with Joe Cole, an English famous actor. Maisie admitted that the erotic scene was given to her with great difficulty, and only her partner managed to smooth out the negative impression of filming. If not for the support of Joe Cole, a beautiful sex scene could not have happened. But everything ended safely, and Maisie Williams fans can watch the nudity of their favorite actress on the screen.

naked Maisie Williams

It is not surprising that the sex scene was given to the actress hard, because at the time of filming the girl was only 16 years old. But, despite this, naked Maisie Williams, as well as naked Natalie Dormer, appeared on the screen to the delight of fans.

nude Maisie Williams

Finally, all fans of the actress were able to appreciate the forms of the favorite. The girl has a low height, but a beautiful, harmonious and proportional physique, nice breasts and a slender body. In the frame, the actress looks excellent, and the sex scene with her participation really decorates the movie.

Leaked photos of naked Maisie Williams

naked Maisie Williams

A few years ago, hackers hacked Maisie Williams’ account in social networks, hoping to find provocative materials. But they managed to get only a few chaste topless photos. In the pictures, the actress is on vacation and, most likely, she is photographed by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Maisie Williams nu

Photos are not particularly candid, most of them the girl sits or stands with her back to the camera.


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Later in the Network began to appear pictures in which a naked Maisie Williams poses in front of a mirror in the bathroom. These photos show the breasts of the actress. Some fans believe that all these pictures are fakes, but everything looks very realistic.