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Charlize Theron is one of those Hollywood actresses who discard the sense of shame, being in front of the cameras. Such a conclusion can be made by studying the filmography of the sultry blonde. In more than a dozen movies naked Charlize Theron appeared.

Young and naked Charlize Theron

naked Charlize Theron

For the first time the actress was naked for the movie 2 Days in the Valley, 1996. And if critics were not impressed by the picture, viewers remembered nude breasts of young and pretty actress.

The era of thrillers for the South African actress continued. And soon she shone with Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate, 1997. The specifics of the plot did not imply a demonstration of modesty and innocence, and therefore the beauty again had to undress. Many viewers appreciated the gorgeous forms of the actress in the sex scene and in the episode of atonement in the church.

nude Charlize Theron

Beautiful Charlize managed to play together with Ben Affleck in the movie Reindeer Games, 2000. Without exciting moments of passionate love did not do without here, and the blonde again exposed her breasts in front of the camera. In the same movie, the actress undressed once again it was the famous scene in the pool that every fan of movies probably remembered.

naked Charlize Theron

The same year Charlize Theron took part in The Cider House Rules, where not her breasts shone in the foreground, but her round butty.

butty of Charlize Theron

Without a bra the actress appeared in the movie The Yards in 2000. In this movie Theron you can see in the image of a sexy brunette in bed scenes.

How Charlize Theron won an Oscar

naked Charlize Theron


The 2004 war drama Head in the Clouds was not without sexy episodes, and a naked Charlize Theron shone once again. The scene in the bath, where the actress wore nothing but a man’s hat and tie still looks exiting. In the same film, the beauty participated in a bed scene, where all her charms were in plain sight.

nude Theron

Complex drama movie Monster in 2003 was a breakthrough in the acting career of Theron. For this movie the actress had to gain more than 10 kg. But expectations were justified: the actress won an Oscar, and the audience once again admired the slightly fatter charms of the movie diva.

Charlize Theron

In the melodramatic movie 2 Days in the Valley in 2008, naked Charlize Theron walked around the house, not shy cameras. A naked Kaya Scodelario did the same.

Naked Charlize Theron is a superstar of Playboy

naked Charlize Theron

In addition to movies, the actress completely naked was filmed for Playboy. In the shoot she wore nothing but a transparent sand-colored fabric. The actress successfully fit into the aesthetics of desert landscapes, where her body looked gentle and relaxed. In the piggy bank of the blonde has other photo shoots for magazines, where she starred topless or nude.

nude Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron belongs to those actresses who have no prejudices and complexes about her body. Thanks to this position, the actress looks confident and seductive on red carpets, choosing far from modest outfits.


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Paparazzi and ordinary viewers have long noticed the fact that the actress rarely wears a bra. In addition, she has been caught more than once with a boyfriend on the beach in a swimsuit without a top, as well as naked Natalie Portman.