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Naked Natalie Portman is enchanting and beautiful. She has already starred in several dozen movies and some of them contain erotic scenes. Numerous men would dream of seeing a naked Natalie Portman playing in a movie. Surely people would like to see nude shots of the star in magazines.

Natalie Portman in magazines

Natalie Portman

To date, naked Natalie Portman has never posed for glossy magazines. She has only two official photo shoots that weren’t to revealing. Her shots look sophisticated and attractive. But intimate places are safely hidden by clothes. To consider the bare parts of the luxurious body of the actress will not be possible in magazines.

Naked Natalie Portman

Photo shoot in Winter magazine appeared in 2009. Natalie poses for it in a dress that has an impressive cut in front. Through it we can see an appetizing rounded boobs of the star. But you can’t see them completely open.

Naked Natalie Portman

For the magazine Vanity Fair Natalie posed in 2006. The resulting photos weren’t candid, but the full nudity of the actress are thing that happens rare. So we are waiting for. It is possible that in the future, the popular actress will want to appear before the cameras for Playboy magazine, for example, that pleased fans.

Movies with naked Natalie Portman

naked Natalie Portman

In the movie Goya’s Ghosts naked Natalie Portman was lying in a dungeon, with chains on her legs. Fully naked actress you can see in the movie Hotel Chevalier.

nude Natalie Portman

There she has sex with her on-screen partner. In the thriller Black Swan there is a scene with naked Mila Kunis. There are other quite explicit scenes with both stars in this dramatic movie.

Naked Natalie Portman pictures on the internet

nude Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s naked caught a glimpse of herself in 2000. It happened on the island of St. Barthélemy. The actress was just sunbathing on the beach with her boyfriend. She was in swimming trunks, and the bodice removed and put under the gentle rays of the sun lovely small breasts.

Naked Natalie Portman

Portman is a famous personality and admire her naked could all who were near her at the time. Paparazzi were not confused and began to take pictures. The actress did not resist it and did not close from them. Maybe Natalie decided that if she did not directly consent to the shooting, then she has no right to fix it on the cameras? She was just enjoying her vacation like any other person.


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Of course, we want to see the naked actress in the light of professional cameras, where she will voluntarily demonstrate the beauty of her body. But, so far it remains content with amateur shots on the Internet. Their quality, of course, is not so good but it is better than nothing. In the photo, the actress is not ready for shooting and does not look very sexy, rather homely. But naked Anastasia Kvitko looks supersexy with her large breasts.