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Every country should have its own Kardashian. In England it’s Demi Rose, and in Russia it’s Anastasia Kvitko. She is known for curves that are three sizes bigger than Kim Kardashian’s. However, the followers of both stars still see the similarities. Perhaps it’s all about trivial implants, which are similar like two drops of water. In general, naked Anastasia Kvitko looks even more lush than Kim. But fans really like how the young model gets naked on camera.

Who is Anastasia Kvitko?

Anastasia Kvitko photo

An ordinary girl from Russia from childhood was not distinguished by lush forms. She attended sports sections and looked completely ordinary. At 17, she suddenly grew breasts and butt, and decided to try out for modeling.

boobs of Anastasia Kvitko

For modeling agencies the girl was too big, and she went home. But Nastya did not despair and began to develop social networks. She posted her hot photos in social network VK, where she was noticed by Anvar Norov. The photographer, who specializes in nude photography, appreciated Anastasia’s forms. He invited her to pose for him in the studio.

naked Anastasia Kvitko

After shooting Anvar Nastya magically became popular. Her sexy photos flew around the Internet and she began to be massively subscribed to in VK. She even became the Girl of the Day in the community for men in VK. In 2013, the beauty earned by naked body to move to Moscow. Then Kvitko also started Instagram, in which today she has more than 10 million followers.

naked Anastasia Kvitko

To maintain popularity, the beauty starred for RHYME Magazine, a famous hip-hop magazine. In the photo naked Anastasia Kvitko takes different poses to look sexy and provocative. In the photo shoot, you can notice that the girl does not yet have the trademark Kardashian butt. Yes, and the breasts are much smaller than now.

nude Anastasia Kvitko

Later the girl corrected the shape of the nose and lips according to the latest Moscow trends. And also increased her breasts and butt a little more. Now she looks exactly like Kardashian, if she was born in Kaliningrad. Compare for yourself: a thin waist, a prominent bust and a huge butt. Naked Kylie Jenner, Kim’s sister, looks the same.

American dream for naked Anastasia Kvitko

naked Anastasia Kvitko

In 2015, the body “like Kim” finally came into fashion. And therefore, Kvitko began to receive many job offers. She was called to cooperate with Kanye West himself to advertise his clothes. This is how Kvitko found herself in Miami to promote Kanye West Clothing. She was even more polished to emphasize the similarity of the body with fashion canons. But the girl did not mind, because now she lived in America and fulfilled the “American dream”.

nude Anastasia Kvitko

Today, the lush beauty cooperates with a whole pleiad of different brands. She advertises clothes, cosmetics, leads a multimillion-dollar Instagram. In 2016, she became the face of the swimwear brand Eliya Cioccolato.

naked Anastasia Kvitko

Kvitko regularly receives accusations of plastic, which she categorically denies. Moreover, she says just like the naked Demi Rose that she owes everything to genetics and sports. But it is clear to everyone that without plastic and photoshop, of course, it does not do without.

naked Anastasia Kvitko

In any case, in the photo naked Anastasia Kvitko looks quite sexy. Especially it is not difficult with such an extensive size of the chest.

Naked Anastasia Kvitko in Instagram

nude Anastasia Kvitko

In Instagram, Kvitko posts photos in a swimsuit and lingerie. Sometimes pleases fans with excellent stretching, posing in twine.


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Recently, she again put on a micro-bathing suit and photographed under the palm trees. The swimsuit almost does not close anything, and therefore you can appreciate the lush forms of the model. In the girl’s Instagram there are no other people at all. In her blog Anastasia Kvitko is always in proud solitude and with a huge cleavage to show her large boobs.