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Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoë Kravitz decided to recreate her mother’s photo shoot. The popular magazine Rolling Stone published a photo shoot of Zoë’s mother Lisa Bonet 30 years ago. The photo shoot was so seductive and frank that it still tugs at the heartstrings. Today it’s not about Lisa, but about her daughter Zoë, who enjoyed getting into the role of her mother. Let’s see what a naked Zoë Kravitz looks like in the Rolling Stone photo.

Who is Zoë Kravitz

naked Zoë Kravitz

Besides being the daughter of famous parents, Zoë Kravitz is a first-tier star in Hollywood. In 2007, she started acting in movies while moonlighting as a model. She quickly found her niche due to talent and exotic looks. At first, she played a long time playing supporting roles. For example, she played as one of the wives of the main villain in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Zoë Kravitz photo

In 2017 on HBO came out the series Big Little Lies, where the naked Zoë Kravitz was present. And already next year the girl was waiting for the main role in Fantastic Creatures-2. The actress in between shooting in the movies, took part in advertising and beauty-campaigns. The attractive appearance of the actress found interesting many brands, which allowed her to build a modeling career.

nude Zoë Kravitz

In 2020, Zoë Kravitz was invited to play the lead role in the TV series Melomaniac. And already in 2021 she started the role of Catwoman in the new Batman. By the way, on the set she had real sex with Robert Pattinson. He played Batman there.

But in her personal life at Zoë Kravitz is not all simple. She was married for 1,5 years to the actor from the movie Love, Karl Glusman. The couple didn’t survive the quarantine as Kravitz filed for divorce this year.

Naked Zoë Kravitz in photos

naked Zoë Kravitz

From her parents Zoë Kravitz inherited a very beautiful and unusual appearance. Her parents are dark-skinned soul and rock singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. They produced Zoe, who got the best of the loving couple. Dark-skinned, slender, with cute features Zoë Kravitz looks very fragile and delicate. Just like her mother on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1988.

naked Zoë Kravitz

Thirty years later, in 2018, the magazine decided to repeat the erotic photo shoot. But Zoë Kravitz went further than her mother. If Lisa Bonet appeared on the cover in a white shirt, and her daughter was completely naked. However, Zoë Kravitz repeated the photo from the spreads without an upgrade. There her mother was also completely naked.

nude Zoë Kravitz

Who did better, you decide for yourself. We like both options. In addition, naked Zoë Kravitz starred not only in a music magazine. The actress is not shy to show off her sexy body, and therefore is often filmed nude. She also shot several times for Playboy and Maxim, as well as naked Katya Shkuro.

Naked Zoë Kravitz on Instagram


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Zoë Kravitz has over 6 million followers on Instagram and has no problem posting the hottest photos there. You won’t find swimsuit shots of the girl. She rarely takes selfies from home or photoshoots with lovers. Kravitz prefers to post shots from the movie site, hangouts with friends and just photos with parents. There are rumors that she dated Channing Tatum, but this is another story.