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In the Russian TV series “Comfort Zone” you may have noticed a petite blonde with a decorative dog. According to the script, she plays the main character’s love interest, and perfectly suits for this role. Let’s see what naked Katya Shkuro looks like in her first erotic scenes.

Katya Shkuro – who is she?

naked Katya Shkuro

Katya Shkuro does not have an account on Onlyfans, like other girls. For example, naked Kate Shumskaya, the twin of a popular Hollywood actress, regularly posts on her Onlyfans. But Katya Shkuro herself wants to be a real actress. But she has only succeeded on TikTok so far. The girl shoots short videos about everything around her. Basically, she does not mind to talk about her private life, including intimate details. Even she can talk about love games with her boyfriend, and other secrets of their happiness.

naked Katya Shkuro

The girl got career success according to the series “Comfort Zone”, which was released in 2022. Katya attracted the attention of the audience, embodying the image of a sexy but a little odd bombshell. In October 2021 naked Katya Shkuro appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Naked Katya Shkuro in an erotic photo shoot

Nude Katya Shkuro

The concept of photoshooting in “Maxim” implied complete nudity. The girl agreed to this immediately. In an interview, she said that she accepted such a thing completely calmly. Behind her back 7 years of modeling shoots in swimsuits, and therefore she is used to showing her body. The girl also admitted that consider the photographer as “a doctor”. The girl added: “It’s similar to visit to the gynecologist.”

In the photo shoot, tanned and completely naked Katya Shkuro lies under the scorching sun and smiles at the camera. The girl turns to the photographer the most appetizing parts of the body.

Shkuro photo

By the way, Katya denies that she became popular in TikTok thanks to “adult” content. She says that she wears three sweaters so that the outlines of her boobs do not show through. It turns out that the administration receives complaints about her account if she wears only a tank top, without a bra.

In an interview, the actress says that she used to perform in Comedy Club. She played prostitutes and escorts. But also she can play a virgin, she should only to wash off her makeup.

Private life of Katya Shkuro

Katya Shkuro

Despite a young age (she is only 22 years old), the girl had a lot of men. She regularly comes to public events with different guys, but denied serious relationships. Last year, Katya Shkuro and Dmitry Kozlov, a popular blogger, made a public statement. They admitted that they had been dating for a long time and were going to get married. Since then, the couple has been shooting TikTok together.


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Shkuro is not shy to admit that it is TikTok is her main source of income. Well, acting is a pleasant hobby. Recently there was information that Shkuro is expecting a child. But the public was shocked by the news that the couple is not going to name the child after birth. They want the baby to choose a name as it grows up. Admire naked Katya Shkuro in the second season of the series “Comfort Zone” and erotic photo shoots where she looks firely hot.