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Kate Shumskaya’s account on Onlyfans attracts users not only with her special content. Of course, there is a lot of it there, but that’s not the most important thing. Occasionally the girl is  Scarlett Johansson double, which is the main reason for her popularity. Let’s see what naked Kate Shumskaya looks like comparing to big Hoolywood star.

Kate Shumskaya is Scarlett Johansson from Krasnodar

Kate Shumskaya

Krasnodar native Kate Shumskaya once did a cosplay on Black Widow following her heart’s call. She so convincingly reincarnated Natasha Romanoff, Scarlett Johansson’s character, that she instantly became a sensation.

Probably the main role in the excellent cosplay played the appearance of Kate. The girl is a copy of Scarlett and nothing to say. People believe that it would be stupid not to take advantage of this. So Kate decided not to lose such a chance.

naked Kate Shumskaya

Initially, the girl just made cosplay in social media, and then moved to Onlyfans. There the beauty saw that naked Scarlett Johansson liked users more than clothed. On her channel appeared a lot of racy photos and videos. On them, the girl shows the body in all its glory, without hiding anything.

Shumskaya naked

However, naked Kate Shumskaya is not a full copy of Scarlett. For example, she has only 1,5 breast size, in contrast to the Hollywood actress with her full third. Although today the primacy in boobs beauty was taken by naked Pamela Anderson, we all remember Johansson’s virtues. The lack of forms in the upper part of the body compensates for the appetizing butt, which Shumskaya especially likes to show.

Naked Kate Shumskaya on TikTok and Onlyfans

naked Kate Shumskaya

In addition to Onlyfans, Kate Shumskaya has a profile in TikTok, where she posts funny videos. It all started with the fact that she reincarnated into a Black Widow and it went on and on…The beauty regularly pleases her subscribers with interesting content. That she will shoot in a movie theater under the poster of “Black Widow” in full attire. That will demonstrate how to swim underwater. And sometimes she posts videos from photo shoots for numerous publications.

By the way, in Onlyfans at first everything was modest, the beauty sought to leave room for fantasy. But over time she realized that she would get more donations and subscriptions if she showed her butt. Since then, naked Kate Shumskaya regularly looks hot content, pleasing her subscribers.

Kate Shumskaya nude

Today, a lot of pics from her private Onlyfans chats have been leaked to the net. On some of them the girl is in revealing lingerie, on others she takes provocative poses. There are pictures where she is completely without clothes. Spread her legs and expose her boobs is not a problem for her. And her fans like it very much.

Kate is on the bad

Despite the fact that the main income the girl receives on Onlyfans, she does not like to talk about it. Kate considers herself a model, and not 18+. Well, most subscribers know her as a slightly skinny version of Scarlett Johansson from the adult site.

Kate Shumskaya’s private Life

Like many Onlyfans models, the girl does not spread about her personal life. It is only known about her that she likes to travel and is not at all shy about her body. Also, the beauty loves reading and delicious food. She is absolutely not afraid to spoil her body, in what she resembles her Hollywood inspiration.


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It is not known for sure if Kate has a boyfriend, but she will definitely not tell about it. It’s better to remain a dream for her subscribers than a girl with a background. By the way, she has quite a few followers. In the network really consider Kate a phenomenon. Let her eyes are not at all like Scarlett’s, but her profile is like two drops of water.

We are waiting for new videos in TikTok from the Russian Scarlett, but we will not refuse a new portion of leakes.