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French actress Léa Seydoux is a serious and modest girl in life. But on the set she transforms and turns into the complete opposite. For example, naked Léa Seydoux has no problem shooting in erotic scenes. Moreover, the complete undressing of her does not embarrass her at all. We found the most candid photo shoots and episodes in the movie, in which the actress starred. They are really impressive!

Life of Léa

naked Léa Seydoux

Léa was born in the family of a French businessman and in her childhood she had everything she wants. Lea and her sister were left to their own business. But the girl built a good career in the movie despite her wild young years. In adolescence Léa had panic attacks and claustrophobia with agoraphobia.

Beauty was afraid of enclosed and open spaces at the same time. The girl could not ride the subway and trains, fly in airplanes, walk on the street. Then the movie appeared in her life, which became a real salvation.

naked Léa Seydoux

Theater courses helped Léa to overcome phobias, fears and even complexes. In an interview, the actress admits that her mother taught her not to attach great importance to the opinion of others. And this really helped her in life.

So she first transcended herself and began to shoot in candid scenes. And there were quite a few of them in the entire career of the actress.

Naked Léa Seydoux in the movie scenes

Léa Seydoux

In his first movie “Mes copines” naked Léa Seydoux appeared repeatedly. Her character was a little nymphomaniac because wants to get an orgasm in every way, so she was making sex everytime. And in different places, even on the Eiffel Tower. Then there was a cult movie “La Belle Personne”, where Léa Seydoux demonstrated her pretty boobs.

Sex scenes are found in the movies “Robin Hood”, “Journal d’une femme de chambre”. Everywhere you can admire the gorgeous body of a Frenchwoman.

boobs of Léa Seydoux

The movie “Grand Central” in 2013 is also full of Lea’s nudity. There naked Lea Seydoux, mostly has sex in nature. Here you can see absolutely everything, including the pussy of the actress.

nude Léa Seydoux

Naked Léa Seydoux appeared in the movie “Les adieux à la reine”. True it turned out to be forced, because her heroine had to change her dress. But the flawless figure of the beauty can be appreciated. Lea has a perfect from nature breasts of full second size.


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Her body looks very feminine and turns everyone on. Not surprisingly, the beauty decided to consolidate the success and starred in a men’s magazine.

naked Léa Seydoux

In 2015, naked Léa Seydoux decorated the cover of the French “Maxim”. The photographer shot the 30-year-old actress completely naked. But the photo shoot turned out to be exquisite thanks to the black and white shooting.

A little more about Léa Seydoux

Léa Seydoux photo

In 2013, Seydoux starred in the scandalous movie “La Vie d’Adèle “ about the love of two lesbians. In the picture, the girl had to participate in a huge number of sex scenes, but she decently accepted it. The actress believes that in her profession a sense of shame and embarrassment is unnecessary. So she easily undresses in front of the camera, turning into another person.

A year later, the actress played as Belle in the screen version of “La belle & la bête”. There were no bed scenes, but there was a lot of hidden eroticism and sensuality. Eminem’s daughter naked Hailie Jade also looks great in sexy angles.