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Scandalous blogger Maryana Rozhkova has been missing from media radars lately. It is said to be all about her protracted affair with Face, which turned into marriage. Even before her wedding, Maryana managed to attract enough attention to herself. For example, she was repeatedly starring in sexy photo shoots. Let’s see what naked Maryana Rozhkova looks like in men’s magazines.

Who is Maryana Rozhkova

naked Maryana Rozhkova

Maryana Ro started her YouTube channel when she was 13 years old. In a short time, Maryana Rozhkova (the blogger’s real name) gained immense popularity. By the age of 23, she got everything that one can only dream of. Money, fame and a lot of fans, among whom were famous personalities. For example, EeOneGuy, with whom the girl dated for a long time. And then Face, who also approached her in Vkontakte.

naked Maryana Rozhkova

Maryana Ro’s video blog had more than 1 million subscribers by 2015. On her channel, the girl published funny nanny videos in the style of anime heroines. She did whatever she wanted: singing songs, tasting dishes, fooling around. And it all went down well with the audience.

When Maryana Ro met Ivan Rudskiy, he was already a famous blogger under the nickname EeOneGuy. Together with EeOneGuy, Maryana promoted her channel. In 2015, at the Vidfest festival, she received the “Liked Newcomer” award. And a little later on VIDEOFAN, both bloggers were already photographed with the award “The cutest couple of Russian YouTube”.

nude Maryana Rozhkova

What’s surprising is that for all the cuteness and cuteness, Maryana Ro has a huge number of haters. In one of the anti-fanatical groups of VK the number of users reaches 50 thousand. What has angered Maryana the public? The main claim is that the girl does not deserve her popularity. That she owes it due to EeOneGuy, and herself is empty and worthless.

Naked Maryana Rozhkova in Moscow

Maryana Rozhkova showing boobs

To develop the blog and increase popularity, the girl decided to move to Moscow. Until 2017, she successfully led a YouTube channel, and then decided to close it. In her last video, Maryana said that she wanted to professionally engage in music. Ro recorded several tracks, that received enough feedback from the public. Then she also recorded the song “Goodbye”, in which she talks about parting with EeOneGuy.

Maryana Ro

Perhaps on this note, the girl decides to star in the magazine “Maxim”. There naked Maryana Ro plays the role of a lecherous schoolgirl, showing herself in different angles.

naked Maryana Rozhkova

In any case, Face and Maryana began to meet and rumors of marriage began to spread. Especially after the girl showed in social media photos in which she is clearly pregnant. Then it turned out that the belly was a fake, and the hitters came with renewed vigor.

nude Maryana Ro

In 2020, Maryana almost shaved her head and showed it in TikTok. There she also began to publish herself in various seductive outfits.

Maryana Ro talks about sex

Maryana Rozhkova photo

In an interview with 2021, Maryana admitted that sex does not interest her. She explained that she does not feel the pleasure of penetration. She, of course, does not deny the existence of orgasm, but she does not care much about it. Despite her bold statements, the blogger confessed that she wants children.


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The girl also said that in Japan some man showed her his sexual organ. She felt disgusted and, perhaps, it was this that put a negative imprint on her sexuality. Well, naked Lea Seydoux is okey about sexuality, her hot photos confirm it.