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American singer and actress Andra Day attracted everyone’s attention at the 2021 Oscars ceremony. And it’s not just her overly revealing outfit that exposed her butt. She was rumored to have been asked for her phone by Brad Pitt himself. So let’s take a look at what a naked Andra Day looks like.

Who is Andra Day

naked Andra Day

In her home country Andra Day is a famous soul singer whose songs are used as soundtracks. In 2021, she herself starred in a movie. The biopic “United States vs. Billie Holiday” received a lot of rave reviews from critics.

Andra Day

Andra Day was nominated for an Oscar for best actress. But the award was taken by Frances McDormand, and Andra got the “Golden Globe”. In any case, Andra’s star shone brightly in the Hollywood sky. So much so that she was approached by Brad Pitt. However, the story with the phone was not confirmed.

At the Oscars ceremony, the singer attracted attention not only with her talent, but also with her naked body. The girl chose an ultra-revealing dress, which does not even cover the butt. Of course, it suits very much to the beautiful African-American woman, but no one expected such a thing for sure.

Naked Andra Day at the Oscars 2021

naked Andra Day

The golden dress, consisting of several pieces of fabric, barely covered the singer’s appetizing curves. It could seem that the girl under her dress is completely naked. The body of 36-year-old Andra is just a perfection! Curvy hips, nice breasts, slim waist.

Andra seduced everyone she could at the Oscars. Even famous actresses somehow lost on her background. It turns out that such a frank style of dress the girl has already tried on. Once Andra already went out on the red carpet in a silver open dress. Here she decided to repeat the success.

nude Andra Day

Despite the fact that the girl kind of blew off Brad Pitt, nothing is known about her personal life. In her Instagram, the woman does not publish anything that would clarify this issue. And in interviews does not talk about anything but music and the latest movie. By the way, she told InStyle magazine something interesting. For example, that for a long time suffered from porn and sexual addiction. But thanks to the role in the movie was able to overcome addiction.

Andra Day photo

Singer Billie Holiday faced objectification, as she was a fragile woman in the tough male world of showbiz. Andra herself was also put in similar situations, due to which she developed a porn addiction. Surprisingly, the girl supports sexualization with super revealing outfits, drawing more attention to her body.

Andra Day on Instagram

naked Andra Day

In her Instagram you can find her photos with family members, including musical. As well as photos from official magazine and promo shoots. But naked Andra Day is rare to see here.


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Andra began to lead Instagram not so long ago, so soon there will be selfies in the mirror and photos in a swimsuit. Meanwhile, let’s see how naked Andra Day demonstrates charms on red carpets. The actress and singer looks great, it’s a pity she hasn’t been called for men’s magazines yet. As naked Maryana Rozhkova from Russia is doing successfully.