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English rose Lily James looks incredible in dresses of past eras. But in one thin cloth, the actress looks even better. We have seen in her latest pictures on Instagram, where she was in a sexy home dress. Everyone remembers Lily from the movie Cinderella. Occasionally, it turns out naked Lily James looks not like a princess, but like her bad sister.

Naked Lily James in the movies

naked Lily James

The beautiful Lily James began to be recognized on the street after Cinderella in 2015. There the actress played the main role and turned into an object of lust of all men. Lily looks like a princess, but, unlike Elle Fanning, not innocent at all. By the way, naked Elle Fanning is super hot.

naked Lily James

Well, and Lily James creates the image of a hot and uninhibited woman. At least, this can be seen in the movie The Exception. There naked Lily James repeatedly appeared on the screen in bed scenes. Moreover, some episodes will please fans of vulgar nudeness. In the movie, Lily spreads her legs, shows her breasts and has passionate sex, not shying away from anything.

naked Lily James

Also Lily played in the War and Peace that was TV adaptation of famous Russian novel. Her young Natasha Rostova turned out to be overly sexual. For example, she languidly took a bath, completely naked. Such a move scriptwriters caused a flurry of attention to the Russian classics.

nude Lily James

In the series Secret Diary of a Call Girl Lily played frivolous Poppy. Here it was impossible to do without erotica, so you can observe the curves of English rose in all its glory.

Nude shooting Lily

nude Lily James

The actress starred naked for an advertisement for Burberry perfume. There the girl appeared in one microscopic panties.

Lily James naked Lily James

Well, to evaluate the body of Lily you can in the movie The Exception, where the bed scenes follow one after another. There flashes bare breasts actress size 2, her juicy ass and other roundness. And sex scenes are surprised by the realism and frankness.

Lily James as Pam

Several times the actress was filmed topless, but the chest still remained covered. Obviously, Lily does not want to show charms left and right. But after she played Pamela Anderson, Lily changed. Now her red carpet outfits have become sexier.

Lily James photo

In the series Pam and Tommy the actress had to go naked several times. Naked Lily James looks just fine in the role of a sex bomb. After the premiere, she was flooded with offers to play the same sexy girls.

Lily James in real life

Lily James showing her boobs

Besides the movie, the actress lives for her own pleasure. She dates handsome guys, travels, dances and shoots for glossy. The actress is attributed to a romance with Captain America Chris Evans. Paparazzi several times filmed the actors together, but they weren’t dated being just friends. Another her famous friend is Richard Madden, the star of Game of Thrones.


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For the longest time Lily dated a colleague on Pride, Prejudice and Zombies Matt Smith. While the actresses’ heart is free, she is enjoying life and doesn’t hurry to burden herrself with a serious relationship.