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Despite her young age, Valya Karnaval is very famous in Russia. She was proposed to by popular blogger Sasha Stone. Together with him she participated in the reality show “Stars in Africa”. But popularity to the girl came for other reasons. It’s time to see how naked Valya Karnaval looks in candid photos.

Who is Valya Karnaval

naked Valya Karnaval

TikTok is responsible for the nurturing of young stars today. Valya Karnaval is also a local product. The girl became famous by posting funny videos.

On many of them she appeared in very revealing outfits. Perhaps this played a key role, because the girl’s body is a fire. Large breasts, curvy hips and thin waist combined with an angelic face became a pass to the top.

naked Valya Karnaval

On the cute shapely girl quickly drew the attention of social network users. Her videos more and more often got into the recommendations, and today millions of users are subscribed to her accounts.

Valya boobs

Valya Karnaval became the first TikTok blogger from Russia, whose videos have been watched a billion times. Already at the age of 19, the beauty became a real star. She was invited to TV, where once she argued with the famous singer Larissa Dolina. The scandal spread across the web, which served as a good PR for Valya.

Later, the girl again got into a difficult story, which, however, also played on her popularity. Valya began to meet with Egor Creed, but he turned out to be an abuser, and she left him.

Naked Valya Karnaval in Africa

nude Valya Karnaval

To treat mental wounds Valya went to Dubai, where she vacationed without a boyfriend. Valya just lay on the beach, until she was called to the project “Stars in Africa”. The girl did not hesitate to agree, because there was an opportunity to again demonstrate the figure without hesitation.

nude Valya Karnaval

Here naked Valya Karnaval of course did not appear, but in the network spread leaked photos. On some of the blogger’s very even nude, and it all looks quite appetizing. At the show, 20-year-old Valya met her fiancé Sasha Stone. At first, the couple just flirted, well, and then it came to an intense development of events. naked Valya Karnaval

It was close to the wedding, but suddenly the couple broke up. Stone quickly found a new girlfriend, and Karnaval was left to suffer alone. But she did not stop posting hot photos on Instagram. However, naked Maryana Rozhkova is already married, but this does not prevent her from showing her boobs in public.

What is Valya Karnaval doing today

Not so long ago, Valya Karnaval performed songs and danced in a swimsuit for Tik Tok. But today she is a famous TV star. Soon the girl is going to settle down and have five children. But while she has no fiancé, this dream can be postponed.


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About the career she is not seriously thinking about, relying on fate. We are sure that you can shoot Tik Tok at any age. Enjoy what naked Valya Karnaval looks like on numerous pictures from the web and social media.