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English model and actress Suki Waterhouse is on the pages of all the world’s tabloids. All of this thanks to pregnancy from her husband Robert Pattinson. Despite her interesting condition, the girl does not stop exposing herself on Instagram. Naked Suki Waterhouse looks gorgeous, although she has gained weight a little bit.

How Suki Waterhouse got her popularity

Naked Suki Waterhouse

The girl worked as a model from her early youth, but fame came to her after the Marks & Spencer campaign. While filming, the girl met a famous photographer who showed her the modeling environment.

The girl became interested in modeling and acting, which was the beginning of her career. This happened in 2011. But Suki Waterhouse began working as a model in 2008, when a model scout noticed her in a cafe.

Naked Suki Waterhouse

Before this, the girl studied at a prestigious school, where her father, a famous plastic surgeon, placed her. I had to quit school and go free swimming. Of course, the parents were not happy about this turn, but the beauty proved that she could provide for herself.

Already in 2012, the whole fashion world was talking about Suki Waterhouse. The girl graced the cover of Stylist Magazine and a year later became the face of Burberry perfume. In 2015, the beauty was photographed for Vogue. She was accompanied by Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger.

Nude Suki Waterhouse

Since 2010, Waterhouse has been acting in films. She had a prominent role in the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Later, the girl played a couple more small roles. She even starred with Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey.

Nude Suki Waterhouse

Repeatedly naked Suki Waterhouse appears at photo shoots. The girl looks like an innocent blonde, but at heart she is still that bad girl. Suki loves to provoke the public, which is what attracts her many boyfriends.

Her busy personal life

Naked Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is only 32 years old, but she has already had more than a dozen boyfriends. Suki dated musicians, actors, athletes and businessmen. One of the most notable romances was with Bradley Cooper.

Nude Suki Waterhouse

They met in 2013 and for two years were considered one of the cutest Hollywood couples. But then Bradley married Irina Shake. In 2018, Suki changed guys like gloves. First Game of Thrones star Richard Madden, then famous director Darren Aronofsky. Then Suki was seen in the company of someone else’s husband.

Suki Waterhouse showing boobs

It turns out that the blonde was walking in an embrace with her husband Emily Ratajkowski. Today Suki Waterhouse is married to Robert Pattinson and pregnant with his child. The couple has been together for 5 years, but the model does not publish pictures with her lover on her Instagram.

Naked Suki Waterhouse on Instagram

Naked Suki Waterhouse

On her blog, the model shares sexy photos in which she is in inviting poses or semi-naked. Like most models, naked Suki Waterhouse is not shy.


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She poses topless in front of the mirror or after a shower. She also arranges sexy photo shoots in which she shows herself from all angles.

By the way, during quarantine, the model isolated herself with Pattinson. So maybe he took all the sexy photos. On Instagram, Suki Waterhouse publishes official photos from filming, advertising and concerts of its musical group. Naked Valya Karnaval does this after breaking up with her boyfriend.