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French model Tina Kunakey, with whom the famous Vincent Cassel recently broke up, posted sexy nude again. The shots turned out to be very hot. But this is far from the only erotic photo shoot of the beauty. Naked Tina Kunakey has repeatedly appeared in her Instagram. This is something you should see immediately!

Who is Tina Kunakey

Naked Tina Kunakey

Luxurious model with exotic look are called n a divorcee by fans of Monica Belucci. And all of that because Tina created a family with Belucci’s ex-husband whose name is Vincent Cassel. Popular French actor with a successful career in Hollywood loved Kunakey at first sight. Moreover, he has been divorced from Belucci for several years before meeting Kunakey.

Naked Tina Kunakey

But Monica’s fans still can not believe how it was possible to give up chic Italian. But Tina Kunakey is worth even more. Gorgeous young body, incredibly thick and lush hair, wild temper. Who wouldn’t give up everything in the world for something like that beauty?

Tina Kunakey

Tina Kunakey was born in France, in Toulouse, but in the veins of her exotic blood flows. Her mother came from the Italian island of Sicily. And her father, although from France, but by origin Marrocan. As a result of passionate love is Tina Kunakey, one of the most beautiful women in the world. In her early years, Tina dreamed of windsurfing, but her modeling potential became apparent at the age of 8. As a teenager, Tina signed a contract with the largest Spanish modeling agency. And a little later she came to the famous London IMG Models agency.

Dating Vincent Cassel

Tina Kunakey photo

In 2016, Tina starred in the music video Belinda by French musician Matt Pokora. The clip with the exotic beauty gained millions of views, which made the girl famous. She received business offers from the greatest fashion brands. But not only professional activities Tina Kunakey became famous. She was lucky to date Vincent Cassel. Thanks to him, more than 1 million people subscribed to the model’s Instagram.

Tina Kunakey sexy look

The girl met Cassel in 2016. Then she was only 19 years old, but she has already been shot nude. What naked Tina Kunakey looks like we can see at men’ magazines and fashion campaigns.

Nude Tina Kunakey

Cassel noticed Tina on the beach in Ibiza and invited her to a restaurant. Since then, the couple dated secretly, and later officially. Already in 2018, the lovers announced preparations for a wedding. Cassel and Kunakey got married, and the couple had a daughter a year later.

Nude Tina Kunakey

The model posted hot photos during her pregnancy. On them she demonstrates a sexy body, which after childbirth became even better. For example, her breasts became even bigger.

Naked Tina Kunakey in Instagram

Naked Tina Kunakey

In Tina’s blog you can see quite a few photos with her friends and family. But subscribers are much more attracted by seductive shots of the model herself. The girl does not hesitate to pose naked on the beach, in bed, on the balcony. Everywhere naked Tina Kunakey looks excellent.


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True, fans are not satisfied with the fact that the model broke up with her husband. Now Tina Kunakey is dating other men and her marriage with the iconic actor is a thing of the past. By the way, Kanye West also broke up with Chaney Jones and Julia Fox, which we recently wrote about.